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Local Law 152 is a law that is intended to prevent harmful or even fatal gas explosions in the five Boroughs of NYC.
Sadly there have been instances of exploding gas tanks which have taken down buildings and killed people in the process – innocent people. 

Specifically Local Law 152 demands that gas pipes are inspected every 4 years in apartment buildings. 
This includes exposed gas piping outside and inside the building, in boiler rooms, in all amenity and common spaces, rooftop mechanical spaces and publicly-accessible areas.
Landlords and managers of of mixed-use commercial and residential properties (i.e. retail and housing, offices and housing etc.) must also have their gas pipes inspected.

New York City Law 152: What It Means For You

Curious What is Local Law 152?

Local Law 152 is an ordinance passed by the New York City Council requiring private businesses, multifamily properties, and commercial establishments with openings of 500 square feet or more in New York City to annually inspect their gas pipes and vents. The inspections must occur as a condition of continued use of the premises. Failure to perform this task may result in revocation of business license, imprisonment of up to 1 year, or a fine of up to $1,000 for a first offense, and up to $10,000 for each subsequent offense. Why is Local Law 152 required by the city? The idea for Local Law 152 was born out of the tragic blackout of 2001. In that event, gas pipes burst underground, leaving homes and office buildings without gas for days. Over 17,000 gas outages resulted from this event.

Who must comply with Local Law 152?If a building was constructed after December 31, 1978, a building owner (a.k.a. “passive owner”) must comply with Local Law 152. To be considered a “passive owner” the property must not be subject to any Department of Buildings, state or local regulations or the authority of a City agency, state or federal government agency, or corporation. What is the penalty for non-compliance? Penalties range from as little as $50 for the first violation, and $50 for each additional violation. In addition, owners can be fined up to $5,000 a day for non-compliance and be responsible for all costs related to investigation and removal of the gas leak. For landlords, fines can add up to thousands of dollars

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What are the inspection requirements?1. You must identify, within the specific property, all sources of natural gas that may be present on the property. 2. If any natural gas service is currently present on the property, you must notify the gas company about it. 3. If any natural gas service is not currently present on the property, you must notify the gas company about it. 4. You must appoint a person with adequate training to do the required plumbing inspections. 5. You must notify the gas company of any water supply, supply pipe or any other source of natural gas on the property. 6. You must appoint a person with adequate training to do the required plumbing inspections on certain systems, including: a. Gas Fitting Services b. Separating Systems c. Thermal Abatement Systems 7.

What are the consequences for noncompliance?If a property owner does not comply with the requirement for a four-year inspection, the Department of Buildings has the authority to assess penalties ranging from $100 to $1,000 per day, per violation. If violations are not corrected within 10 days, the department can revoke a building or other certificate of occupancy. Additionally, the Department of Buildings can place a lien on property with a 30-day liquidated damages clause that can result in serious financial consequences. Local Law 152 is not an easy requirement to meet, but one that must be a priority for owners. It can save lives and make the surrounding community safer.

Gas regulations are ever-changing. They are implemented to provide a framework of best practices and to create awareness in the community. However, as regulations have evolved over time, so has the understanding of which of the newer regulations are still applicable to your business. As your company grows, the new regulations become an added burden as you re-evaluate and make adjustments as needed.

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