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I’m super pleased with the service provided by LES Water Heater & Boiler Repairs & Installation. They have such knowledgeable mechanics. He explains with details all the work he’s doing. Also, if something needs replacement, they will advice you to replace before it breaks down. Highly recommended!
Hamill Link
Hamill Link
I am a first-time homeowner with water heater troubles. The technician assigned to check it out was quick and very informative; he did an amazing work of explaining the issues, numerous solutions, how the different parts worked, and the rest. In addition to fixing the problem, he really helped me learn and know how my entire gas and water heater systems work. I would definitely use them again and recommend to other people because they work fast and very professional.
Kim Rosario
Kim Rosario
Crisis averted! Our hot water heater blew out just as the cold weather began this year. The guys arrived right on time, did the hot water heater tank replacement in less time than they expected. Very smooth. Very professional.
Marcos Castillo
Marcos Castillo

Hot Water Heater Repair

Functioning water heaters and boilers give the gift of  hot water and comfortable warm homes to you when you want it..

These are a couple of life’s little luxuries you should not be without.
 So when you have a water heater or boiler that needs replacing or repairing you want it fixed fast.

Wh understand this. And this is why we are on call 7 days a week to keep your family comfortable.

Call our team now to get a repair or replacement quote for the home or  for commercial boiler and water heater repairs. 

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“Really happy I found them. Water heater repaird for a cheap price and it was done within a matter of a few hours of calling them”  

Samantha, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

“We got a brand new water heater because it was just not worth getting ourss repaird yet again. We got a great price and it was installed. Minimal hassle for us.”  

Mark, Lower East Side.


With more than 20 years experience our expertise includes repairing, installation, and replacement of boilers and hot water heaters. 

With a tankless hot water heater your home won’t run short of the continuous flow of warm water and with a new or repaired boiler our guarantee  means your family will have the heat it needs to stay happy and comfortable.

Regardless of whether you have an old or broken water heater that requires a repair, or you essentially need to upgrade, the experts at LES Water Heater & Boiler can take care of business.

We are the boiler repair company of choice in NYC, committed to always offering a reliable, and cheap boiler service.


A unwavering focus on making our customer happy is an obsession. It’s in our DNA.

From the very first day a new team member joins our team, they are taught our customer first attitude, and we continue to teach it until it is ingrained in each and everyone of our staff.

When you work with us, rest assured you’re working with a local company that wants to earn our business for life.



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Automatic Water Heater Shutdown

If your water heater breaks, what you do not need is for the gas and water to wreck your property and assets. To ensure this does not happen to your home and property, LES Water Heater & Boiler Repairs & Installation can introduce a Wags valve.

The valves will put off the water and gas before it gets an opportunity to harm your property. This important gadget can help spare you hundreds and even a large number of dollars down the line. 

Water Meters

Cut down on your upfront expenses and have the experts at LES Water Heater & Boiler Repairs & Installation install a water meter for your home. What’s more, there are rebates accessible through the city for introducing these sorts of devices. The various kinds of water meters available incorporate multi-jet meter, single‐jet meter, positive uprooting meter, turbine meter, compound meter, fire meter, fire hydrant meter, electromagnetic or mag-meter, and ultrasonic meter. 

Water Heater Removal

Our team will efficiently remove your old hot water heater and safely dispose of it in accordance with environmental best practices.

Systems that provide Instant Warm Water and are Tankless 

Waiting for warm water can be irritating and is a misuse of water. LES Water Heater & Boiler specialists can guarantee that boiled water shows up to your taps right away, saving you valuable time. The best part is that we can do this without breaking any walls, and it’s cheaper than you think

Water Filters

Your family can spare a considerable amount of dollars by drinking faucet water rather than bottled water. LES Water Heater & Boiler Repairs & Installation can ensure that the savoring water your house is better preserved and tastes better. 

Water Conservation

We likewise guarantee that your home plumbing systems are efficient and not squandering your hard-earned cash and water. From low stream latrines to water saving shower heads, the experts at LES Water Heater & Boiler Repairs will help you get a good deal on your water bills. 

Why Choose LES Water Heater & Boiler Repairs & Installation?

We are a privately-run boiler repair company dedicated to providing the best emergency boiler services to New York and surrounding areas.

So whether you’re in Brooklyn or Manhattan, and your looking for ‘best boiler repair near me’, be sure to visit our site or call our team on 347-341-6259. 


Don’t risk a hefty fine! Or even worse a blown up gas tank that could cause the destruction of your building and the lives inside it.

Local Law 152 NYC Gas Inspections is an ordinance passed by the New York City Council requiring private businesses, multifamily properties, and commercial establishments with openings of 500 square feet or more in New York City to annually inspect their gas pipes and vents.

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At LES Water Heater & Boiler Repairs & Installation, we stand behind all that we do. We offer the best guarantees in the business. No matter if you’re in need of boiler repair in Brooklyn or a plumber in Queens.
Licensed & Insured
Try not to fall into the trap of using a company that offers unrealistically cheap rates, works without a permit, and does not acquire, allow or convey sufficient protection.

When you work with us, you can be confident that we are properly covered so you don’t need to worry about it.

Committed Team 
Our team of mechanics is committed to their craft and has many years of experience. We carry out background verifications on all boiler mechanics that we send out in the field. 
Security is Paramount 
For your protection, every single boiler mechanic is drug tested, we also do background check so that if you’re in need of a residential boiler repair, you can let our team into your home knowing they are trustworthy souls. 


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"Boiler replaced in the middle of winter on a sub zero day. I didn't even miss a single shower! So good." - PETER U, LES, NY

Jake Our Plumber


All our gas boiler services are supported by a 2-year warranty, with extra guarantees avilable. No job is complete until you are happy with our items and quality. 

We are a top rated Commercial and Residential, Boiler and water heater replacement and repair organization in New York City.



Have you paid attention to your water heater in recent times? Many people do not take a moment to consider their water heater until something pops up, and they cannot put it to use. The most common problem….a severe lack of hot water, 
Here are seven hints that can assist you in turning into a useful water heater owner and keep you one stride ahead. That way, you do not wind up investing vital energy, managing a wrecked water heater. 
Some of the benefits of being a great water heater owner are owning a heater with a long tank life, low energy bills, and practically zero harm due to of water spillage. Plus knowing what to look out for will help you realize when it is time for a repair or replacement before you are left with only cold water or no heat in the middle of winter. 


Know where your heater is found and have clear access to arrive at it. It may sound straightforward. However, now and again, it’s concealed in a loft or cellar and challenging to reach. Then after numerous years, since a water warmer is not something individuals frequently consider, it very well may be overlooked. Then one day, when there is no hot water, and someone would need to access it.


Have a good knowledge of the sort of water heater installation you have—necessary information like petroleum gas, electric, propane, or sunlight based. Likewise, knowing whether you have a capacity tank type (clue: this is the most well-known sort) or a tankless kind water radiator, this information is useful. Record the model number and the sequential number of your warmer. If nothing else, know where this information is on the tank. It has the age and gallon limit coded into it and is significant for guarantee purposes. 


Acquaint yourself with where to turn on the fuel or source of power to your water heater. When you identify which kind of unit you have, ensure you recognize how to switch off its gas or power. There should be a valve or a qualification switch inside several feet of the boiler.
It’s important to know where your essential gas shut off switch is or which breaker is for the water boiler if the shut-off near the water hotter does not work. On the off chance that you need any unique apparatuses to break the valves or to open the break enclose, keep those close by and exact sight. 

At the point when you have water dripping all over, it’s more accessible to panic, particularly if it’s causing harm. Doing a little forthright work to get you ready will have a significant effect in this circumstance. 


Identify where the water shut off valve to the water warmer is. Once more, if you need extraordinary devices to shut the valve, have them close by alongside a stepladder if the valve is over the water warmer. You have to shut the water rapidly. Generally, shut off valves are situated over the water warmer on the cold side channeling.


Ensure the zone around your water warmer is clear and don’t store anything within a couple of feet of your unit. It is a successful propensity for a couple of reasons. 

First, if you have a gas terminated (flammable gas or propane) unit, the water radiator needs to “breath.” As the burner fires, it needs oxygen to consume the gas. At the point when a water heater is covered or needs more oxygen, it can influence the proficiency of the unit. It can also harm the burner chamber and other water warmer parts, and even reason carbon monoxide spills. 
Second, regardless of whether it is gas or electric, if the unit begins to leak, the water can escape standard view or splash into what is being put away around it. These can cause a drawn outbreak, causing more water harm and causing the water boiler to warm itself regularly, squandering energy. Ultimately, it is a fire danger. 


Channel or flush your water heater and complete a yearly assessment. Keeping up your water warmer is a beneficial habit. It can influence its durability, vitality effectiveness, and the unit’s security over its lifetime. When a year (perhaps more regularly if there is a ton of residue in your water), channel a couple of gallons out of your water warmer’s channel valve.

Utilize either a container or a nursery hose and run it to a spot where the high temp water won’t harm. Avoid draining it to your finishing or yard. Warm water may kill the grass. On the off chance that you notice a lot of dregs or flotsam and jetsam, at that point, we suggest a full flush.

At this juncture, you empty the tank totally of water. Turn the tank upside down while the channel is. Let the water stream for a moment to help eliminate any waiting residue or flotsam and jetsam.

In case you are water-wise, you can turn your indoor regulator to “vacation” and let the water chill off. At that point, it may be utilized for watering and won’t harm your plants. It is ideal for activating the “vacation” mood on the unit to relax toward the beginning of the day. Start before going to work. At that point, refill the tank when you return home when it has topped off. Then turn the indoor regulator back to the ideal setting. You ought to have heated water in roughly 60 minutes.

While you are depleting or flushing the tank, examine the water heater. Start with the top and check for any holes or massive erosion on the water pipes and the T/P flood valve. Watch that the draft hood is set up for the gas boiler service and ensure it is appropriate. A couple of air space crawls between the tank and where the draft hood associates with the vent.

When you have outwardly examined the top, check around the tank for electric water warmers. Search for any indications of releasing, rust streaks, or buildup around or originating from the upper and lower boards covering the tank’s electrical segments. If you have a gas water warmer, assess the gas line and gas parts search for any erosion or wear on the channeling.

Check the indoor regulator for consumption or dark residue marks. Investigate the zone underneath the gas indoor regulator where the gas chamber is. If you observe any back buildup, ash, or singed metal, this is a sign you might be having burning issues, and you ought to have the unit overhauled by an expert. If you ever smell gas, turn off the gas gracefully and contact an expert.

If, after all, your visual examinations all that seems as fit as a fiddle, you are alright. However, if you have concerns or think some things need servicing, contact your neighborhood boiler service companies.


Always keep a “Water Boiler Only, Inc emergency shut down” sticker on your water radiator. At the point when you have issues with your unit, the sticker can help walk you through shutting off the gas and water. It has our 24-hour crisis telephone number to call us if you don’t know what to do straight away or disapprove of turning anything off. On the off chance that you need a “Water Boiler emergency Only, Inc shut down” sticker – call our group

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